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25 Things The President of The United States CAN Actually Do

The President has the authority to convene Congress during a break during extreme circumstances. He also has the power to adjourn them if he deems it necessary, as outlined in Article II, section 3 of the Constitution.


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The US president can grant pardons or reprieves for those convicted of Federal Crimes, as outlined in the Constitution, Article II, Section 2. EXCEPT in the case of impeachment, so the president cannot pardon him or herself if convicted of a crime while in office. To date, President Barack Obama has issued 348 pardons, more than any other president. However, many of them are for overly harsh sentences for things like marijuana possession.


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The President is the official party leader of his or her political party while they are in office as the party leader is simply the most powerful person within that party. They take the lead in representing their party to the nation, addressing their party, and steering party policy.


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The President has the power to veto a bill that has been passed by Congress. However, congress can vote to override a Presidential Veto, though it’s rarely been done. If the President threatens to veto a bill, it can often lead to changes in the legislation before it’s passed.


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The President has the power to appoint ambassadors, SCOTUS judges (though these must be approved by Congress), the Secretary of State, and other various federal officials without an election but generally with approval from the Senate.


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It is the job of the President to prepare the Budget (this takes months) and submit the proposed budget (called “Budget Of The US Government”) to Congress for approval.


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The president gives an annual State Of The Union address to a joint session of Congress (and the nation) in January. The State Of The Union covers what it sounds like the current state of our nation, and where we’re headed. In the 19th century, it used to be more of an administrative and budget type of report to congress, but it has since become a chance to encourage the nation and remark on what we’ve overcome and where we’re headed.


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