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Linas Summer Job: Jacking off Boars – ”Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done”

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Lina is 19 years old and comes from Jönköping, Sweden. During the summer, she has been busy to say the least with an unusual summer job. On a farm outside the city Lina had to jerk off boars as a living (male pigs).

– Well, it’s not really like dream job, but it has been difficult to find summer jobs, Lina says.

How did you get the job as a boar wanker?

– I searched lots of other jobs first but got nothing. Then I found an ad in the newspaper for this job and I contacted the farm. It turned out that I was the only one who had responded to the ad so I got the job the same day.

Why does anyone have to jerk off boars?

– When the sows are fertile the boars become excited and impatient and hard to deal with. Therefore, you have to calm them down a little.

What does a normal day look like?

– I get to work at 6:30, and the boars are newly awakened. Then I take with me the most alert of them into a small cubicle where the boar can jump up on a rack. I put on a rubber glove and massage the boars penis so that it stiffens. Then it’s basically just to keep the hand in a firm grip and the boar does the rest. It usually takes only 3-4 minutes before it is finished, then you just go for the next.


What are your best and worst memory from the summer?

– The worst day was when I lost grip on a boar’s penis just when it got an ejaculation. It was really horny and I happened to get his seed on the cheek. I was about to faint, it was not fun.

The best day was when it had been really hot and almost all boars were tired of the heat. Then I only had to jerk off 7 boars instead of 40-50 and then stop early for the day.

Is there any other job that you think would be worse than to jerk boars?

– Not many, but I think that toilet drainer or something similar would be worse.

Will you keep your job next year?

– Absolutely not, this is the worst job I ever had!!


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