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Pregnant with a goat – See the shocking video “I love her”


Modji is 25 years old and live in South Africa. Ever since he was little, he felt that he was not quite like any other person. He had difficulty finding friends and felt no attraction to humans. Modji’s parents became concerned and contacted health care. It turned out that Modji has a rare genetic disorder that makes him feel attraction to goats and have the ability to fertilize them.

– The doctor said they had never seen or heard anything like it, and that Modji is unique, says Modji’s mother in an interview.

Weren’t you worried about how Modji would cope in life?

– Yes, but we decided to support Modji fully and be there for him no matter what happens. He’s our son.

How did you feel when Modji met the goat Stacey?

– It was not unexpected for us that Modji eventually would develop feelings for a goat, and we were most worried that he would fall in love with someone who was not good to him, someone that might leave him or cheat on him. Stacey has grown up in our paddock and we know her since childhood and know that she is good for him. We were happy when he told me that they had found each other.

We met at Modji and Stacey’s farm for an interview. Watch the clip below:

The child was born on August 10th, 2016 and it was a boy. How do you feel to finally becoming a father?

– It feels absolutely fantastic! Stacey and I was worried that it would not be possible, but after many attempts, she was finally pregnant and gave birth to a boy. I’m so proud of her.

goat kid

Do you plan to have more children?

– If possible, we want to have two more children, but it is not safe according to the doctor. We are lucky now that we managed to get her pregnant. But we’ll keep trying, we really want the child to have a sibling.

Are you thinking of getting married?

– Yes, we want to get married but it is not legal right now, it feels terrible. But me and Stacey will try to push through a change in the law that allows us to get married. I think there are many in our situation who would appreciate it.


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